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Welcome to Terror Maps and Units!

I'm glad to announce Terror Maps And Units is back! There will be a lot of change here now I'm back with the team such as a new site layout and new maps and units for you guys to enjoy! We are looking for any staff we can at the moment so if you are interested, contact me, AF or Legion and we shall let you try out by sending us your work :)

To The Future!


Tileset maps

These are maps made from tilesets. Click the minimap to download them.

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Waves of Mutilation

22x22 Transition map, 3.3mb download. Waves of Mutilation uses the Archipelago and Urban tilesets.
Loads of Geothermal activity on the islands.

Made by HoodedExecution

Crystal Expanded

16x16 Crystal map. Weighs in at just over 6mb.

Made by ArmouredFish


13x13 Archipelago map, 577kb download. Shallowx uses the standard and shallow Archipelago tilesets.

Made by HoodedExecution

Crystal Chaos

9x9 Crystal map. Weighs in at just over 1mb.

Made by ArmouredFish

Mars Isles

11x11 Mars map, 3.2mb download. Mars Isles uses the standard Mars tileset.

Made by ArmouredFish

Hell on the Heath

19x19 Evergreen map. Weighs in at just over 1mb. Uses features from the Lava, Lusch and Desert tilesets.
Who will get to the energy and metal rich center?

Made by HoodedExecution

Urban Riots

11x11 Urban map, 3.8mb download. Urban Riots uses the standard Urban tileset and Acid features.
Battle it out in the wreaked city!

Made by Zeno27au

Desert of Marble

11x11 Harvest Moon map. Weighs in at 3.9mb. This map uses the Harvest Moon tileset.

Made by HoodedExecution

Fields of Glory

24x24 map, 9.0mb download. Fields of Glory uses multiple standard and transition tilesets.

Made by HoodedExecution

Coastal Bunkers

24x8 Archipelago map. Weighs in at 2.5mb. Great map for island-hopping.

Made by Zeno27au

Fields of Glory Expanded

45x45 map, 14.0mb download. Fields of Glory Expanded uses multiple standard and transition tilesets.

Made by HoodedExecution and ArmouredFish

City of Ice

22x22 Ice/Urban map. Weighs in at 7.4mb. Readme

Made by Ecom

Beach Wars

7x13 map, 577kb download. Beach Wars uses various transition tilesets.
More resources on the smaller beach in the south.

Made by HoodedExecution

Icy Pond

16x16 BryceIce/Ice map. Weighs in at 6.1mb. Uses ArmouredFish's Icy Wonderland map as a tileset.

Made by Rex222

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Rendered maps

Maps made with rendered images.

Right Angle Hill

8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 6.7mb

Made by ArmouredFish


8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 6.5mb. The one and only Terror maps and Units map!

Made by ArmouredFish

Melted Core Prime

8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 12mb. Core prime melted when it's sun swelled into a red giant.

Made by ArmouredFish

Melted Core Sea

8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 8mb. This map is called Melted Core Sea, a different section of Melted Core Prime. After Core Prime's Sun shrunk into a white dwarf, the planet cooled and the evaporated water fell as rain onto it's surface. Ridded of the dirt and muck that once plagued it before, the water was clean.

Made by ArmouredFish

Icy Wonderland

8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 7.25mb. It is a bryce map with ice features. This ice planet has been pounded by an asteriod belt, Arm and Core fight for the planet before the planet moves into another stream of asteroids

Made by ArmouredFish

Battered Hill

8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 4.6mb. It is HoodedExecution's first bryce map. Fight for the metal rich center of the hill.

Made by HoodedExecution


8x8 Bryce map. Filesize: 7.7mb. Fight in the canyony desert.

Made by Twigathy

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