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Welcome to Terror Maps and Units!

I'm glad to announce Terror Maps And Units is back! There will be a lot of change here now I'm back with the team such as a new site layout and new maps and units for you guys to enjoy! We are looking for any staff we can at the moment so if you are interested, contact me, AF or Legion and we shall let you try out by sending us your work :)

To The Future!



Visit the forums for the latest news, previews and what not! Click the banner to go to the forum.

Or go to the TMU IRC channel and get to talk to the team in real time. If you don't have mIRC or sa similar client, use the CGI-IRC found here.

TMU staff

These are the current TMU members:
Legion: Main unit guy, webmaster.
ArmouredFish: Map-/unitmaker, webmaster.
Ecom: Mapmaker.
HoodedExecution: Map- and unitmaker, founder of TMU.
Under_Ware: guest unitmaker.
Other members: Necro, Zeno27au, Twigathy.

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